Weigh Feeder

        Allen Bradley PLC + ABB DRIVE         Reliable + Accurate + Rugged
        Capacity: 100kg/hr to 2000 t/hr        Accuracy ± 0.5% of set feed rate
         Belt width: 500 mm to 2000 mm        Pulley center 1300 mm to 6000 mm.

Indus manufactures Electronic Gravimetric Weigh Feeders incorporating state-of-the –art technology for continuous bulk proportioning of solids.
The material to be proportionally fed is passed over the belt; flow rate (also cumulative value) of the material is measured and compared with set parameters of the PLC/PID controller. The deviation is corrected by regulating the speed of the conveyor through variable speed A.C.Drive. (closed loop control system)Two high precision load cells are used to measure the belt load & a rotary encoder used to measure speed of the conveyor.

Salient features
Precision machined rollers used to provide perfect belt run & high accuracy
Rubber coated pulleys prevents belt slippage.
Gravity takes up to ensure constant belt tension
Scrappers to prevent belt damage & tare changes
Easy maintenance - belt change without aids from side
Fully automatic Zero/Span calibration
Highly reliable PLC (with in built PID algorithm) & variable speed AC drive
High precision load cells with damping to obtain best results.
Empty Belt Correction Factor to achieve best Accuracy
Set Points Programmable from local panel or Main Panel

Option Features
Rs 485 Interface can generate printout with SQC Analysis

Cement, Sponge Iron, Steel, Fertilizer, Chemical, Tobacco & Petrochemical Industries.