Nett Weigher

Indus Bag Filling Machine are rugged, accurate and user friendly.

These Machines are very simple to operate. The operator feeds the quantity of material to be bagged through the keyboard of the controller. The bag is placed on the discharge chute and start button pressed. The bag gets clamped and immediately preweighed quantity of material is filled into the bag, and the bag is decamped and moves on to the stitching conveyor.

Applications:- Rice, Sugar, Dal, Cattle Feed, Chemicals, Minerals, Fertilizers etc.

M/C Capacity[kg] 0-10, 0-25, 0-50, 0-100
Resolution 5gm
Accuracy ±20gms
Speed 5-6 bags/min
Optional Printer interface/PC interface.
Features Cumulative totalizer batch totalizer
To set target No. of bags to be filled.
Air supply 6 bar filtered regulator air supply