Belt Weighers

Display Unit

INDUS BELT WEIGHERS are reliable, accurate & durable even in the most demanding industrial application.
The belt scale is an industrial equipment which measures the rate of flow and total quantity of material being passed over the scale in a time period. The load being transferred to the belt is sensed by 4 high precision loadcells & the speed is sensed by an Incremental optical encoder (Tacho Generator). These two signals are multiplied digitally at the microcontroller based panel. The load per unit length multiplied by speed of the belt gives the rate of flow while the Rate integrated over time gives the totalized value of material passed over the belt.

Displays totaliser weight, flow rate
Two nos 4—20 ma output
Built in diagnostics
Digital calibration for weight
Digital calibration for speed
Easy to install [minimum down time] 
Batch control functions [set points]
Battery backup memory safeguards against data loss
Capacity: 5 TPH TO 1000 TPH)
[Can be customized]
Power supply: 230 V AC ±10 % 50hz

Weigh Fame with Load Cell

Tacho with Mount